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Phoera™️-Liquid Stick Foundation

Get The Flawless Look You Deserve With Phoera™️- The Only Foundation You Will Ever Need

Are you struggling to find the right foundation that doesn't break out your skin or damage it? Look no further... With Phoera™️ you get that silky smooth complexion while banishing shine and discoloration all-in-one. One pump is all you need to see amazing results. 

What really makes this product so popular amongst women from all over the world is the fact that it's safe to use for all skin types and you can use less and get twice the benefit. It's not just our amazing products that make us stand out from the competition year after year. It's our never-ending dedication to you and your experience with us. With Phoera™️ we aim to make this a true game-changer for you so that you can show off that beautiful skin all seasons of the calendar.


Smooth Complexion-Hides and banishes those wrinkles much easier and blends well with your skin color. Bringing out that silky smooth complexion in just minutes of using it.

Allergen Free-
Meaning there are no harsh chemicals being used that will damage, break-out or severely harm your skin. Making it a better long term solution for you to use in your everyday routine.

Perfect For All Skin Types-
Oily skin, dry skin or even a mixture of both. the Phoera™️ caters to all skin types and still able to deliver you great results.

Better Coverage-
Covers twice as much without using a lot of it. with just one pump you can get a full face coverage without caking it on. Giving you better coverage without running the risk of clogging your pores.

Last For Hours-
Stays in place and doesn't budge not one bit. Water-proof, Smudge-proof and lasts all day. Allowing you to wear your face all day confidently without any melting or smudges.